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On 14th June 1976, Robert Shopland (then the Editor of Waterways World) and Harry Arnold took Rumpus out for the Boat Review which subsequently appeared in the August Issue. These pictures (mostly previously unpublished) were taken on that day. I am very grateful to Harry for finding the negatives out and getting them reprinted for me.


Rumpus at Great Haywood

Under the Roving Bridge at Great Haywood

In the Trees
"In the Trees" Somewhere Near Tixall

Side View

Robert Shopland saying "Look - We don't need a winding hole with this one!"

In Haywood Lock
In Haywood Lock

The Engine
The infamous Stuart Turner - note the (battered, second-hand) fuel tank - it was rather vulnerable (and a definite "no-no" today!)

The Galley
This shot gives some idea of the fitout and simple galley layout - note the original laminate-covered chipboard partitions, the jazzy Marley floor covering, and don't you just lurve that crinkled vinyl!


Created on 5 th June 1999

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