The BrumTug

When I was considerably younger than I am now, I fell in love with a BrumTug.

The BrumTug (as its name suggests) was built in the heart of Birmingham by Brummagem Boats, who operated out of what is now Sherbourne Street Wharf on the Oozells Street loop of the BCN Main Line. There were two versions - the "Classic" one is the version illustrated, with a front hold (or optional tug deck) There was also a version with a large front saloon, but this was only for wimps! There were only ever 14 produced, a fair number of which went into Brummagem Boats's own hire fleet. One unusual feature was that the Faryman Diesel engine sat on the swim plate itself and drove the prop shaft by a belt arrangement. This meant that the whole of the cabin space was available for accommodation and a defective engine and gearbox, complete with its mounting frame, could be changed in a very short time indeed - useful in the hire trade. This affair (unfortunately never consummated) was renewed at the Crick Boat Show in 2002, when I went out on ASTI, the example owned by Whilton Chandlery.

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Pictures of ASTI (May 2003)           Pictures of BEAVER on hire in 1986
Updated on 6th February, 2005