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As the restoration of Rumpus had been fully documented and avidly read by subscribers to the Inland Waterways Newsgroup (uk.rec.waterways) and the various Mailing Lists, it was fitting that her first voyage was to the Great Internet Getogether (or Gathering) at Stafford Boat Club in August 2000. She wasn't finished by any means (the galley was only just useable) but she was warmily received there. I wrote the report on the outward leg, and Molly Mockford recorded the return journey. To download the full Trip Report CLICK HERE!

Q: Where do you moor a 24' narrowboat?

A: As near to the Bar as possible!

(Outside the Clock Warehouse at Shardlow, in company with cruiser Mr Toad)


Dallow Lane Lock at Burton - Rumpus's first narrow lock in many a long year


"The GIG started at Fradley......" Thorn (with Connie and JaneY in charge) comes round out of the Coventry



"We'll have to wipe the dribble off their chins in a minute....." Thorn's engine gets a comprehensive gongoozling


Home again - Rumpus back at Hoo Mill


"Darling, can I buy this as a butty for Rumpus?"



"I wonder if she uses water colours?"


As pretty as a picture - in Anglo Welsh's basin at Great Haywood


Armitage "tunnel"


"Where are we, Sid?" "Dunno, I'll get the Nicholson's!"


Loading at Shardlow


Created on November 19th 2000

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