JUNE 9TH 2007

The world's newest tramway opened a week before I visited the island. It has to be admitted that I came upon the tramway more by luck than judgment. I was trying to get to the northern motorway from the south, but somehow I missed the turning (well, Canarian road signage IS something of a black art) and all of a sudden I saw tramway overhead across the road. What a surprise! (not!) Turning down a side street parallel to the tramway, I parked up and walked over..... to find brand new Alsthom trams

.......... running on grass-grown tracks.

I then got back in the car and followed the route until it turned onto PRW at Puenta Zurita.

A close - up of car 3 at Puenta Zurita

Further on, the tracks rise above the road....................

............ but not for long.

This scene will be familiar to students of British tramway history - a tramway running through a traffic island, with vehicular traffic around the outside, though with rather more hatched yellow paint (and road traffic) than used to be the case when this happened in the UK!

The tracks will all be grass grown.............. when the grass has grown!



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